No, silly sissy, not hoops like in a skirt, sissy earrings, or pretty femme dress! Ms. Delia means that her sissies must jump through hoops in order to get a prize. That is what I have been doing with you in my Panty Protection Challenge of last week. But, you know what? Even I did not expect one hoop that came up!

I have extended the Panty Protection Challenge!

Sometimes Ms. Delia, though a stern and strict Mistress, can be a very silly Mistress. Even my best laid plans will sometimes go astray! I know many of you did such a great job listening to my blog audio here. Then you dutifully went over to Enchantrix Empire and voted on panty protection methods.

But, sadly one thing was missing. Yes, you know it because you have been looking for it! The Sissyville assignment has not been there. Oh my! What was a sissy to do? There were many a pretty sissy panty needing perfect protection, but that crucial, sexy piece of information was not there!

Here’s the scoop… With my fun little “jumping through hoops” games to keep you all on your toes, there was a miscommunication! I had scheduled the sending of audios after completion of assignments for Tuesday afternoon, but in my excitement, I also set Sissyville to post today on the wrong date! Oh My!

So, what will Ms. Delia do? Celebrate, of course! It is so sexy and sensual to celebrate with me, you do know! It was so fun getting the wonderful comments, and seeing the voting on my Enchantrix Empire poll that I am going to extend my Panty Protection Challenge for one more week to allow more to get in on it!

So, to quickly review the rules: Read my Panty Protection blog, and leave a comment with a safe email. Next go to Sissyville and read and listen to the sexy information. Finally head to EE to vote on how you will protect your sissy panties.

Commenters from the 4th through today will receive their audios today. Each commenter thereafter will get the audio once tasks are completed.

Thank you all for hanging in there, and enjoy this extended challenge. There may indeed be a secret sexy audio for those who post to both weeks!