Let today be Sissy Indpendence Day!

Sissy Independence Day

Sissy Independence Day!

I had the pleasure of speaking with a sweet sissy yesterday who needed some advice and support about becoming more femme. We discussed all of the wonderful things already done to help this gurl feel pretty every day. She even told me about new panties she bought and wore to work! SUCH a brave step. Later, sissy sent me this list. Enjoy!

I thought about what you said about Independence Day coming and I wrote a list of things I might do over the course of the next 5 days to celebrate my sissy independence!
1. Nair my forearms to complete my hairless-below-nect look. This will involve shaving my sissy body regularly but I will finally have a smooth, silky, sissy body.
2. Have my eyebrows tweezed or threaded for a metrosexual look. I can always say THEY went too far but who would believe that? 🙂
3. Tan wearing a thong or if I’m really daring tan wearing a two piece bikini!
4.Paint your toenails a bright color or have them painted during a mani/pedi.
5. Get a facial and ask about what other services they provide that will help me become more metrosexual.
6.Purchase then wear a Claire outfit: White cargo capris, lavender or pink tank top, buffalo or other sandals and matching nail polish (to tank top)
7. Purchase expensive perfume then wear it!
8. Meet some new sissy friends on www.getgirlie.com
9.  *Fantasy* Think of letting 5 men see me wearing nothing but a pair of pretty panties, oversized glasses and lip gloss.
10. Fantasize about blowjobs, and smiling as/after I swallow their cum.
I don’t know what I’ll accomplish but at least I have a plan for the next 5 days. Thank you for all your suggestions and I will fill you in on what I do accomplish when we speak again.
Happy Independence Day!!!

Your Sissy Thoughts

That was a WONDERFUL fem list! What are YOU doing to celebrate your sissy independence today? What is inspiring you? What makes you feel pretty today?
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