Sissy Interview of Busty Sissy Tina

I recently had a hot and sexy session with a sissy who is busty and goes by the name Tina. She is a wild one, and we had an amazing time. We caught up in Yahoo IM, and I asked for her story. She was more than happy to share. So, Femfabulous reader, I share the interview and story of Busty Sissy Tina with you!

Feminization Mistress Delia

Feminization Mistress Delia

Sissy Tina’s Interview

Busty Sissy Tina: hello Miss Delia

Delia: Hi there!

Busty Sissy Tina: so You would like to ask me some questions about my naughty details? My boobs and tiny innie?

Delia: Hee hee! Yes!

Delia: Tell me about how you became a busty sissy tina, and what you love about it!

Busty Sissy Tina: that is so general.  i have been busty since i developed breasts in my younger days and they never got smaller, only bigger as i got older, and with the large dark areola and my nipples were feminine form the very beginning

Delia: Wow! Sounds wonderfully femme!

Busty Sissy Tina: add to that the lack of development of my tiny nub and i have an innie, so not much to actually use with a woman

Delia: Mmmm. I see. No real penetration value!  I am beginning to see how this all fell into place!

Busty Sissy Tina: so with one small external ovary that prefers staying close to my body and an innie, panties honestly just fit better.  boy underwear always was baggy, and panties hug and feel normal

Delia: I am sure!! And panties are so much prettier! What size bra do you take now?

Busty Sissy Tina: 46C

Delia: Oh nice. A C cup is a good size!

Busty Sissy Tina: and the C cups are very full.  Sometimes I will go with a D cup and just don’t fill out tightly

Delia: Mmmm D cup!! Delia: So what is the best part about being a sissy?

Busty Sissy Tina: there are alot of things that excite me.  i truly LOVE being in panties and a corset and bra with thigh highs and 5″ pumps

Delia: Oh wow! I think that is hot

Busty Sissy Tina: i love fuck me pumps

A Sexy SIssy Interview

A Sexy Sissy Interview

Delia: Perfect outfit!! Oh me too!

Busty Sissy Tina: i also love a little sun dress with just a thong on and my boobs filling out the sun dress, which i can do

Busty Sissy Tina: i keep my entire body shaved smooth could not imagine having hair on my legs i love being submissive

Delia: Smooth is best!! And so is submissive!

Busty Sissy Tina: being a sissy and doing what ever pleases a Mistress is truly what makes me happy.  if that is Her pegging me, or playing with my nipples, or having me suck a big cock, if it makes he happy i am happy

Delia: Oh nice! I love a sissy who can suck well.

Busty Sissy Tina: i have cum more than once stricly from penetration in my pussy, i love that i can do that

Delia: Damn!! Hot damn!

Busty Sissy Tina: i can swallow just up to a 12″ cock but that is my limit i do love sucking cock, i love all kinds of things about it.   Pleasing Mistress, feeling that cock in my throat pulsing, my tongue running under the back of the hood

Delia: Makes perfect sense to me. So let me ask something else

Delia: What is your favorite outfit?

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Busty Sissy Tina: my favorite outfit, let me see, i like being dresses slutty, so it would be my black corset with black pleated skirt and red blouse, unbuttened to show my cleavage.  My black and red 6″ platform heels

Delia: Oh sexy!!

Busty Sissy Tina: i am a bigger girl, 46C bra tells you that but with my corset my waist is 34″ and my hips at 48″ so my ass and hips really do give me curves

Delia: Oh yeah! I bet that looks amazing!

Delia: Ok if I post some of this in the blog?

Busty Sissy Tina: absolutely

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So there is some sexy info about busty sissy tina! She is a pleasure to play with and is a total slut and very naughty sissy! Remember the foot long cocks she loves.

If you want to share your story, find me on Yahoo IM. I am Empress.Delia!