Sissy Maid Gets Ready for Christmas; A Pretty Sissy Maid

Look at you sissy, all dressed up in your pretty sissy maid uniform.  That dress seems a bit short, When you bend over I can see those ruffled, white lacy panties!  And your breasts are almost falling out of that top.  I’m happy to see that the back seams on those thigh high stockings are perfectly straight.  We must take pride in our appearance, sissy!  The heels are a bit short – only 4-inches, but I understand you do have to be able to work.

This House Must Be Spotless

Sissy Maid Cleans Up

Sissy Maid Cleans Up

I am having a very special, very sexy holiday party, sissy, so this house must be spotless.  A number of my fellow Mistresses and their slaves will be here tonight, and I need everything in its place. You will dust, vacuum and straighten up everything.  I’ll be around to check up on you as I am getting ready.  If anything is out of place, you will be punished. I may take you over my knee and spank you, or I just might take you to the dungeon and flog you!  You will be attentive to your chores, won’t you?

You Party Duties

Of course you can stay for the party, sissy!  In fact, I require it.  Who else is going to make sure all my guests have drinks and appetizers.  Oh, and don’t think you’re special.  They are going to grope and grab you, and I’m sure some of my guests will want to avail themselves of your “special” services.  I hope that mouth and ass are ready to be used!

Do you fantasize about being a well-used sissy maid at a party? Be Femfabulous all holiday season!