This helpful list of makeup case essentials should round out our Makeup March of the 2019 Feminization Plan!  By now you should have a makeup case and the basics. This list will help you to fill that case right up! I suggest going slowly and buying one or two things each week. Try them out, and ad them to your makeup case. Once you are comfortable with new products, it is time to get something else from the list and work it into your daily routine! Makeup is FUN, so remember to relax and enjoy it. Do not rush! You might take the rest of the year to fill the case! And on that note, keep a list of your makeup. It should be replaced between 6 months and a year for cleanliness and skin health!

Things That Every Sissy must Have in Their Make Up Case

Learn how to from Basic to Glamorous!

1.  Foundation/Face Powder
2.  Concealer
3.  Lip Liner
4.  Lipstick
5.  Lip Gloss
6.  Eye Lip Primer
7.  Eye Shadow
8.  Makeup Brushes
9.  Mascara
10 Eyebrow Grooming Brush
13.Nail File/Clippers
14.Bottle of clear nail polish
16. Bacterial Wipes
17. Mirror
18. Needle & Thread Kit
19. Condom
20. Lubricant

We had already discussed beauty and makeup basics. Now, yes, this is more advanced, but it will help you out with all kinds of beauty needs. These are the top things even I keep in my makeup case! You will be completely prepared to try something you saw on a makeup tutorial or even just get yourself looking glamorous for a sexy night out! Makeup will make everything you do simply femfabulous!