Sissy Mantras

From time to time I feel sissy mantras are important for a sissy to learn, repeat and say. In fact, saying mantras is proper sissy behavior! Often sissy wants to be conditioned so she can be her very sissy best! Being a sissy slut and performing for Mistress is very important, so learning one’s mantras is of the most importance.

Sissy Mantras for Getting into Sissy Slut Space

These mantras should help you to feel more feminine, and also to feel more slutty!
Mantras For Sissy

                                        Mantras For Sissy

Sissy is getting slimmer and sexier every day.

Sissy loves being hairless and silky smooth.
Sissy loves being an effeminate sex queen.
Every day sissy is more feminine and desirable to men.
Sissy loves having her body be in sissy heat.
Being a feminine gay sissy is so hot.
Sucking cock and swallowing cum comes so naturally to me.

Sissy Mantras For Feeling Soft and Demure

These mantras should help you when you need some guided feminization!

I feel pretty, demure and soft.
I feel pretty when I wear delicate dresses.
I feel pretty when I wear petticoats.
I feel like a sissy when I wear ribbons.
I feel demure when I can be quiet and shy.
I love to be a true demure sissy.
I am a soft and demure sissy when I do my chores.
I am a soft sissy and I move with soft, feminine movements.
I think every sissy should enjoy mantras each day. Ms. Delia is happy to do a custom audio of your mantras if you send me a list of them. I promise listening to them every day will help you to grow into the perfect feminine sissy.