Sissy Masturbation

I don’t know if sissies need to masturbate, but little sissy sluts certainly want to masturbate. And yes, as a Mistress I recognize that difference!

Sweet sissies want to stroke those sissy clits until they have their little cummies. Sissies know that nothing comes without a cost, so they’re often willing to endure much tease and denial, and edgings to prove their worthiness…even if they have a little clitty! (hehe) Of course, all that excitement can lead to…leakage.So when you engage in sissy masturbation, remember to always have tissues ready and handy for those naughty sissy squirts.

Sissy Squirts

Those naughty sissy squirts need one of two things that you must do for Mistress.

First, Panty protection can help if you are wearing those silky panties all day. Every wonderful sissy must have a stash of tissues or panty liners to capture that sissy juice when you feel so aroused.  Alternately, sissy can do something Ms. Delia just loves! You can eat your own cummies for me. I think every sissy should do that from time to time just to keep you in that delicious place.

Ways to Enjoy Sissy Masturbation

Do you hump the corner of your bed with the panty material between you and that corner? Do you rub the front of your panties just like a woman does? Or maybe you are a sissy who likes her sissy pussy fucked during your sissy masturbation. Or are you a sissy who likes to vibrate with a Hitachi or other toy. No matter the way, protect your panties and eat those sissy cummies.

Let Ms. Delia know your favorite forms of sissy masturbation!