Sissy Needs Some Shoes

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Shoes Are Sexy

We’ve got you comfortable wearing panties, bra and hosiery.  You’ve been a slutty sissy, wearing sexy versions of all three.  Some guys don’t care, but for some, to really turn them on, we need to complete the look with some sexy shoes. For your next assignment, we’re going to get three specific pairs of shoes, since not every guy likes the same thing, and we want you to be a versatile sissy!

Types Of Shoes

What I want you to get is one pair of mules, Mary Janes and stilettos.  Mules are a shoe or sandal characterized by a closed, or nearly closed, toe and a backless heel of any height.  They can be good for everyday wear.  Mary Janes – well, those are for the guys who like the naughty schoolgirl fantasy.  They’re a shoe with a strap across the instep that is attached with elastic, Velcro, or buckle – get the buckles!  Now for both the mules and the Mary Janes, nothing more than a 3 inch heel.  I’m sure I don’t have to explain what stilettos are, do I sissy?  Of course not!  Get those with at least a 5-inch heel – the taller, the better!  It will lengthen your legs and make them look very sexy!

Other types Of Shoes

If you really want to impress your Feminization Mistress, don’t stop there!  To expand your stiletto collection, you can get platform heels which may be easier to walk in (and we’re going to teach you how to walk in the next post), or kitten heels, which are stilettos, except the heel is under three inches.  And, you can always think ahead to next summer, and buy yourself a pair of strappy sandals.  No flip flops!  They aren’t sexy at all.

We are so close to turning you into a fully feminized sissy!