Sissies Sucking Cock

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Happy Sissy Holidays!

If you read Slutty Submissive Games over at Beg For Mistress, you know how I like to play Cock Ring Toss with my pets.  Since sissy clits are usually much too small to get a ringer, I let the sissies play by seeing who can get a cock deepest in their throat.   The sissy winner gets a mouthful of cock.  What happens next?  Depends on the sissy…

Cum Eating Sissy

Some of my sissy pets?  They love a mouthful of cum.  They like to suck hard on that cock, lick it up and down the shaft, kiss the head.  They really get off on feeling that cock swell inside their mouth, and then throb and pulse as stream after stream jets down their throat.  But for some of my cocksucking gurls, that’s just not enough.

The Facial

Those sluts want to be marked.  As they feel that cock swelling in their mouth?  They pop it out and begin stroking the shaft, and fondling those balls, until it explodes and leaves streamers of cum running down her face, in her hair, on her chest.  Sometimes they’ll rub that cock along their face, and lick it off the outside.  Or maybe they gather it up with their fingers and suck it off.  Some of them just leave it to dry there, so their walk home can really be a real walk of shame!  However you like your cum deposit, it’s all about what makes you feel good.