Sweet sissy, I know you love to masturbate just like a realย girl. It is so much fun when those silky panties and pretty outfits get you all excited. I know you need to touch that clitty. What is a girl to do in such an excited state, after all? Well, I am going to help you with the reality of this sometimes messy situation.

Protect those Pretty Panties

Sissy masturbating starts off so sweetly, and just gets better and better. But the reality of the parts included can sometimes mean a messy finish! We real women are lucky, I know. We are left with nothing but a satisfied and satiated smile on our faces after we cum. Sadly, a sissy must deal with the messy reality of how dispose of that release! Often times that can ruin panties!

Oh, how can I rub my sissy clitty and not muss up my panties?

This is such a common question, and has been asked by so many that I felt it needed to be answered and accessed by as many as possible.

I do have a couple, well five actually, time-tested methods that work very well, and even can keep you in the headspace of a scene! Now, If you want to learn all of these sexy sissy masturbation methods, I am going to make you work for it. Oh yes! I am sending you to Sissyville where each of my 5 favorite panty-protecting tips and tricks are listed, telling you exactly how to do them.

The audio of me instructing will ensure you have it just right.
Now go learn at Sissyville, and let Ms. Delia know which panty protection method you will be using!

**VERY IMPORTANT** Remember to leave a comment here with a safe email & I will send you a free 3 minute, sexy audio to help you try the new panty pretection methods you learned over at Sissyville, and that you voted on at Enchantrix Empire! I love making sissy assignments!