Sissy Pantyhose

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

It’s Time for Pantyhose, Sissy

Are you comfortable in your panties? Well, we started out with men’s briefs without that annoying fly in the front, and you graduated to wearing boy shorts.  We even got you into some sexy thongs and g-strings!  Are you feeling comfortable in those panties?  That’s good, because it’s time to take your next step into become my fully feminized sissy slut in pantyhose!

Be Smooth for Pantyhose!

Just like the panties, you’ll be wearing the hosiery under your male clothes so only you and I will know, but I still think you should shave your legs and pubes to get the full effect of just how those panties and hose will feel.  It might be slightly humiliating, but just tell everyone you’re training for a triathlon and to swim fast you have to be smooth!

Three Choices For Pantyhose

I’m leaving this one up to you.  You can purchase either pantyhose, thigh highs, or tights.  Perhaps, to be extra slutty, you should purchase a variety because you are going to be wearing them every day from now on!

Feel how they slide up your legs, and how that silky fabric glides along your smooth skin.  If you’re putting on pantyhose or tights, also feel how they encase your sissy clit and keep it secure (that’s right, you no longer have a cock! You have a sissy clit!).  You can still put on socks, and your slacks, just to keep everything hidden. I know soon, we won’t have to hide your femininity.

You’re well on your way to being feminized by me now!  Next post, we’ll talk about how to feel sexy in your panties and pantyhose.