With the change of seasons upon us, it is time for some sissy primping so your feet, hands, and skin can look beautiful every day. Here are three at home things you can do to feel feminine and sexy!

Sexy Home Pedicure

Sexy Foot Pampering

Sexy Foot Pampering

Start with a foot bath. Use a basin, or sit over the side of the tub. Use a nice body wash or foot scrub (make one with sugar and olive oil.) After about 20 minutes, towel your feet off. Use some lotion…any kind will do…and begin a sexy foot massage!

You can start massaging them, paying particular attention to the heels, because that’s where all the dry skin is going to be.  Soften it, and use a pumice stone to smooth everything out if needed.

Now you can continue the foot massage again using more lotion.  This makes the skin and nail beds all soft. Feel the luxury!

When you’re all done, and those toes are nice and pretty, you can sit back and admire your work.

*Mistress Tip* Try to do this once every week or two for extra softness!

At Home Body Scrub

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Use a Loofah

There are great recipes online that use just a few kitchen ingredients, but I know sometimes you want something made for you! So check the links in this paragraph 😉

You may want to get yourself a good, exfoliating bodyscrub, something that is really going to get the dry skin cells off.  You’ll need to get naked for this – you didn’t think this was going to be a completely kink free post, did you?  Get that body wash on good, and make sure your rub every part of your body adding in the body scrub! – but don’t linger in any one “special” area, hmmm?  Take a nice warm shower to get the scrub off, and when out, make sure you apply some lotion, and you’ll have that nice healthy glow all day!

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File your Own Nails

Doing it yourself Manicure

Wow, we have been busy! You have already done a self-pedicure. And next there was the all over body exfoliation. Now that your hands are free to relax, it is time to pamper them.  A manicure is pretty much the same as a pedicure, just with hands.  You can use the same instructions for doing it yourself. You can go mild, just clean, well-shaped nails…or you can go WILD with hot pink glitter nails!  Try many ways to be and feel more feminine, and when done, you will look simply fresh scrubbed, and glowing!

Enjoy your pampering.