Sissy Sex Toys

When talking to many en femme men and sissies, The subject of sex toys comes up. I have had many a sissy sex toy discussion with those who felt it was inappropriate to stroke, especially when trying to be more and more femme or when dressed in women’s clothes.

It seemed natural to do a series of sex toy reviews on this blog to help you choose sex toys! When dressing up, many sissies and men feel especially sexy, and some have permission to play and orgasm. So in my quest to bring more pleasure to others, I will be writing about sex toys for a bit.

And know if you have sex toys you LOVE you can always email me or leave a comment on this blog, and I will do a special sex toy review for you!

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Sissy Mistress Delia

Nipple Sex Toys

Nipples are a hot spot for many! The range of sex toys is diverse from painful to sensual, and from decorative to toys with a purpose, so I will be working on providing insight to new toys to try!

Insertable Sex Toys

Many a sissy has decided that the only way she will cum is through a prostate orgasm sissygam, and never through stroking! So many like to insert different things for pleasure to train their bodies to only respond to insertion, and that makes plenty of sense to me! I will review insertables of different sizes and shapes for a different experience each time!

Other Sissy Sex Toys

Sissys are a creative bunch and enjoy sex toys, I will look at chastity devices, vibrators, pretty toys and so much more, even toys to get you ready for sissy strap on play with Mistress! I hope you enjoy these reviews! I will always include a way to use them too!


Remember to always strive to be FEMFABULOUS, and call Ms. Delia for your feminization desires and dreams…and now, sex toys!