What is Sissy, Sexy, or Slutty? Well, are you someone who loves lingerie? I am too, and so many of my Femfabulous blog readers appreciate lingerie for many reasons.

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Sexy Ms. Delia

Along with this I absolutely LOVE Tumblr! There are so many wonderful images to see. It is amazing eye candy, no matter what you want to look at. Please follow my Tumblr page so you can be in on the fun too!

Sissy Sexy or Slutty

Looking at lots of lingerie, I thought it would be super fun to vote each week on whether a certain outfit is either sexy, slutty or sissified! It is just a fun way to interact, and have some hot eye candy to look at!

So are you ready for eye candy once a week? Follow me on Tumblr, and be sure to vote each Sunday! The picture will be up all day long, so you have plenty of time to check.

And best of all, you may get lingerie ideas which is FUN! Now the first one will be up on July 1st, so it is already there. Be sure to go see and vote!