Skincare is Important

As my sissy, you need to take care of yourself.  I want a pretty, sexy little thing, with bright, glowing soft skin.  One way to make sure that skin is well taken care of is to take care of your skin.  Now, read all the way through this post before you start your little skin care regimen.  There are some…ahem…special…instructions that you’ll need to follow.

Special Announcement Before Sissy Care!

Many Mistresses are doing a weekend slumber party this weekend, Friday the 21st to Sunday the 23rd. If you need your sissy needs met, what better time than when all of the Mistresses get together. There may even be pillow fights and glitter! Now, back to sissy skin care!

Sissy Skin Care Ms Sloane Style

Ms Sloane's Sissys have good skin

Sissy Skin Care Ms Sloane’s Way

 Cleaning Up

First you have got to get all that make-up off your face!  You look like a truck stop tart, a regular white trash trailer park whore with all that stuff caked on!  Use a good facial moisturizer and make sure you scrub really well.  Now, that make up is leaving behind all kinds of oils and just…gunk…that’s clogging up all your pores, so you need to exfoliate.  A nice sugar polish would work – all those grains of sugar will help get rid of the dead skin, and then it’ll just melt to a nice creamy texture.  Once you’re done and that skin is all pink and shiny, you’re going to get to moisturize with some special lotion.

Cum Moisturizer

Yeah, you could just use some regular moisturizer, but what kind of Mistress would that make me?  Oh no, baybee, you’re going to moisturize with your jizz.  These are the special instructions.  You need to prepare for your sissy facial at least 5 days ahead of time.  Once a day, you may stroke that sissy clit and squirt…but only after you’ve stroked for at least half-an-hour.  Now, you can take all that collected cum, scoop it out with you’re pretty little hands and rub it all over your face and into your skin.  Now you just look like a little slut, all covered in cum!  Maybe next time I’ll have you suck a cock and let it shoot all over you, so you can have a fresh facial.