Having a spa day at home is important for a sissy. Self-care is always important, and there are important happy benefits when you stop and care for yourself, especially during this challenging time! Let’s face it. We ALL need some stress relief these days, and a sissy spa day is just what you need especially after dusting, cleaning, and ironing for Mistress!

Every few weeks I will give you a spa exercise to try at home. You might already have the items in your house, but if you do not, I will give you a list that can be easily and inexpensively added to your grocery list! Think of these items as little luxuries to help you to connect with your inner girl!

Spa Exercise 1 Hand Moisturizing

With COVID, we have ALL been washing out hands more than usual even if you are, like me, a good hand washer. After all of that soap and water hands can get dry, cracked, and sore. You actually have more of a chance of bacteria getting in cracks on your hands, so we will work on fixing that!

How To Moisturize Dry Hands

Using hand cream after hand washing does help! But I have something even more fun up my sleeve! I want you to make a hand mask! This is easier than it sounds. You will need only a few things!

Tools Needed

Moisturizer – If you do not have hand cream, you can use lotion. If that is not something you have you can use conditioner, coconut oil, or olive oil.
Saran wrap or gloves – Gloves are best, the short soft kind, but you can use rubber gloves or even plastic wrap!


Take your moisturizer and slather it all over your hands. Seriously apply a very thick layer or multiple thin layers. Wrap your hands in plastic wrap or the gloves. Sleep! It is best to try to keep your hands wrapped all night long. In the morning, remove the plastic or gloves and wash your hands. Pat them dry, and be amazed at how healthy they look!

As a bonus, you can also try this with your feet! I love to wrap mine in plastic ziplock bags and big socks! You can have super soft feet also in the morning.

I hope you feel femfabulous for Ms. Delia after this DIY spa trick!