Welcome to The Sissy Spa! For the next few blogs, I hope to inspire you to try some new things to feel your most FemFabulous. Today our focus will be nail care because we all love pretty nails. If you are a secret sissy, you likely can not show off those sexy long red nails you crave. But, you can do a manicure that will make your hands soft and your nails pretty. You can do this any day and at any time. And no one will know this was your special sissy spa time. You will just have soft hands and pretty clean nails that shine.

An Anti-Manicure

If you think of a nail salon, you likely imagine bowls of tinted water and hands soaking in them. Here is a hack for you. Get a good lotion and add olive oil or coconut oil to it and just let it sit on your hands for 3 to 5 minutes to soak in. Rinse the excess lotion off after that time and dry your hands. They will feel so soft! The bonus to this hack is your nails will be stronger when cared for.


Next, you can push back your cuticles. You do not need a fancy cuticle stick either! No, you can use a small regular spoon, just the tip, and gently gently gently push them back. No need to cut them or remove them. Neat and clean cuticles give a healthy appearance! After they are moved back, rub a hint of lotion or oil into them and leave them alone.

Clipping and Filing Nails

You will need to clip and file your nails. A nail file would be ideal for this, but if you can not risk having one, get a nail clipper with a built-in file. This can go with you anywhere in a toiletry bag. The easiest look to go for is straight across and just over the tip of your finger. This will look meat and clean and should not interfere with phone touch screens or typing. You will just look fabulous.

Buffing the Nails

Buffing the nails is the next step and it is magical! Now if you cannot have a buffing block that you can find at any drug store, just rub a bit of oil into your nails. But, if you get a buffing block, follow the colors and pause after each color to see the shine. Buffing blocks go from coarser grit to finer grit to my favorite part, the shining strip!! You will also go from coarse to fine, and shine as much as you want.

Finally, give your hands one last pump of moisturizer, and rub in well. Now, how do your hands and nails look? The overall effect should look soft, smooth, and clean. Your nails should look and feel cared for,

I want you to feel FemFabulous and enjoy each visit to The Sissy Spa. I hope these hacks and tips I give you will help you stay in touch with your feminine self.