Sissy Training with Ms. Olivia

Feminization Mistress Olivia

Feminization Mistress Olivia

I love sissy training with Ms. Olivia! We tag team up on sissies and get them to do their sissy best. Feminizing men, helping crossdressers feel pretty, or even helping a sissy to be extra slutty are things we just love to do together! In fact Ms. Olivia has a sexy feminization blog. Check it out!

A Sissy Training Candidate

There is a worthless sissy, heather who loves humiliation. Ms. Olivia and I have been working with her to make her a less useless sissy. Sissy School can be VERY tough especially when sissy is a lackluster student. However, things may be turning around. From our blogs, heather has created a sissy plan that we will work with her to complete:

A Sissy Training Plan

Wow. Feedback from Both of my Goddesses to savor and mull over all weekend. Thank You. Avoiding exclamation points in a lame attempt to temper my excitement, aware that i’m losing that battle i mentioned to avoid obsession and addiction.

my offering for today, typed and spoken with humble sincerity:

Step 1: it Needs To Feel Pretty

Step 2: it Needs To Feel Sexy

Step 3: it Needs To Wear The Highest Heels (not possible)

Step 4: it Needs To Wear The Shortest Skirts (not possible)

Step 5: it Needs To Wear The Sexiest Lingerie (on my face)

Step 6: it Needs To Be Obedient

Step 7: it Needs To Be Enslaved

Step 8: it Needs A Mistress To Want it (or To Be Worthy Of A Mistress)

Step 9: it Needs To Be Owned by a Real Mistress or Man

Step 10: it Needs To Be Addicted to Cock

Step 11: it Needs To Be A Sissy Slut

Step 12: it Needs To Be A Gurl

And finally, my Daily Rule:

Be A Useful Whore!

You can BE Femfabulous!

You can BE Femfabulous!

For my Femfabulous blog readers, you will recognize the above steps as my 12 Step Sissy Training Plan! Ms. Olivia and I can train you in any or all of the steps.

How to Get Sissy Training with Ms. Olivia and Ms. Delia

We would love to train you together! Email us to begin your training.


We can create a sissy forum program for you or plan a series of training sessions like your very own personal sissy school!

Have a femfabulous day!

Mistress Delia