After the Collaring Ceremony all I could do was Smile!

Hello dear reader!

My vacation was quite the success! I did in fact collar my houseboy. Now as you may know, collaring a slave can involve a spoken or written understanding, a token of sorts, or a real collar placed around the slave’s neck. I did the latter. The collar I gave him represents a sign of ownership of his mind, body, and soul. It means so very much. Now, for a long time I, Ms. Delia, was sure that all of my Mistress/slave relationships were fluid, that I would never be serious about one over the other. But, somehow the houseboy understood that I am a serious Mistress, and was flexible enough to learn my moods and tells and endear himself to me. As you can imagine, this collaring ceremony was something I never thought I would do. This was a very serious step for me. This means that my slave is now not just a houseboy who does what I want. There is a whole psychology to it. By collaring him, I promised to care for him, and he promised to give up all of his personal power to me.

The ceremony was short but quite personal, but I will let you in on it. We stood together, him a step behind me on his knees. A Mistress friend of mine asked about what we would say, and this is what we came up with:

Ms. Delia: I promise to do you no true harm. I promise to be responsible for your body, mind, soul and life. I will accept the token of your submission and will collar you with truth, love, strength, protection and compassion. I will own and dominate you from this moment forward. I am, and have always been your Mistress.

houseboy: Mistress, I submit my mind, body and soul to you freely, and give my life to you. I have always known that you will always protect me, teach me and discipline me. I promise to give all that I am to be a true slave to you, to serve you and to please you to the best of my abilities. My only wish is to belong to you. I am, and have always been your slave.

Then I placed the collar around his neck. I did not like the first one I got, but luckily found a man who does metal work at the convention, and had him custom make a very vanilla looking collar for him. Now, my slave sleeps at the foot of my bed in a raised trundle.

I want to thank d.m. and s.p.s for the collaring gifts from my Amazon wishlist! I will thank you personally when we speak again!

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