Some Women DO like Men who Crossdress

I often love it when men crossdress. It is a sensual turn on for me. In fact, I have created a monthly tradition where I buy Jack, my subby hubby, a pair of panties each month. Why do some women like men who crossdress? Great question, and I will try to explain in this blog. I did get an email from a crossdresser, and he was really trying to express his feelings. Read on and see that you think!

Sissy Space

Is Crossdressing OK??

A Crossdressers email

Mistress I am a man who likes to crossdress and wear women’s panties, bras, camisole tops, nylons, garters and even clothing. If I told my guy friends, they would say I am gay, but I am not. I have a girlfriend and I only like women.

I think part of what turns me on so much is when I dress up in womens’ clothes, I get to FEEL what it is like to be a woman. It is almost like I can experience being feminine only when dressed.  

I confessed my crossdressing to my girlfriend, and she has put me in panties and her night gowns a couple times, and I was never so turned on or rock hard. The sex was great, but the thing that was best was after sex I still felt feminine, and I snuggled with my girlfriend and we had girl talk. I felt really close to her.

Is this OK?

Is a Man Who Likes to Crossdress Ok?

My quick answer is FUCK YES! Seriously who doesn’t love the silky look and feel of panties? There are even stores online (Homme Mystere is one) that designs lines of sexy crossdresser lingerie built for men! SERIOUSLY!! If you like bras, panties, nylons, and more, wear them!

And if your wife or girlfriend thinks dressing you is sometimes sexy, just go with it, and follow her lead! Be who you want. Always feel femfabulous!