Pretty and Sexy Are Not The Same Thing

You have things that make you feel pretty.  Pretty will get you noticed.  Sexy will get you attention, and what you really want – a thick, hard throbbing cock!  Oh, you didn’t realize that’s where this was headed?  You thought this 12-step program was just about accepting you’re a sissy?  Well, bitch, the ultimate expression of this acceptance will be when you realize you are a Girl.  And every Girl needs a man!

These are sexy panties!

These are sexy panties!

Cotton Panties?  Not Sexy

Now, those cotton panties may make you feel pretty.  They’re softer and cut different than the tighty whitey’s you usually wear, but they aren’t sexy.  Now, I’m not going to lie, most guys if they want a hole to stick their dicks into are going to take you, but that’s not what you…or I …want.  I want them drooling over you.  I w ant them so horned up, so in lust, that they’re going to rip your clothes off.  Now, we’ll talk about outer garments in steps 3 and 4, but for now, let’s just focus on the undergarments.

Sexy Lingerie

If you’re a lingerie sissy, you already know this.  But for the rest of you, you need to pick out hot, sexy underthings.  Thongs, tanga panties and boy shorts – especially those made of lace – are sexy.  So are low cut bras – maybe demi-cups that just show the tops of those perky nipples.  And garters and thigh high stockings?  They just tell the guy that you are ready for sex.  Remember to put the garter on under  your panties – easy, open access to that ass pussy!


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