Steps to Becoming a Cuckold Sissy

Oh sissy, when I decided to make you into my cuckold sissy there was nothing you could do at all! Imagine it!  A night with Mistress, but not at all how you think! You are my cuckold, not my lover. Imagine yourself, filled and plugged! Then, I take you one step further. My sissy bimbo cuckold who has loved cleaning creampies has never yet taken a cock. It is time! But it took lots of steps to get you here! What steps did Mistress take to make you her sissy cuckold?



  1. Feminized first – Realizing your true vocation of becoming a cuckold sissy bimbo started quite easily, really! It started with simple feminization. I love making a sissy frilly, pretty, and feminine. But this time I did it for a purpose. To weaken you and make you crave all the things women crave.
  2. Cum Craving second – I had you pleasure your sissy clitty a certain way. Hands and knees with that pussy ass up in the air. That way Mistress could tease all of you, especially with my cute, pink dildo just for sissy! And when that sissy cream leaked out? Ohhh! Yes, I made sure sissy cleaned up every single drop. You could not turn back from that point, could you sissy? Every sissy load must be eaten, so Mistress made you into a cum craving sissy!
  3. Sissygasms third – I began training sissy to have only sissygasms from penetration, never from stroking. I demanded that sissy lick up every drop. I had such fun having sissy head down licking her sticky sissy cummies up. I knew you were hooked. I knew sissygasms would replace orgasms sissy used to have when she pretended to be male!
  4. Seduction fourth – Do you remember sissy when I taught you how to seduce a man. You watched me do it, and then I had you try it. We looked at pictures of huge cocks together deepening your need. I made you take the next steps from simply being a submissive feminized sissy to assisting me in my seduction of men and then actively participating.
  5. Creampie eating – The next major step was to lick another man’s cum from my pussy. That was easy! I simply told sissy to do just that. I explained it was her role. If sissy watched a man fill my pussy with cum, her role was to lick it all up.
  6. Fluffing – Next, it was simple for me to turn you into a fluffer. Teaching you to prepare s cock for me made it so easy. You took the cock into your mouth and made it ready. And after I was done with it I simply ordered you to take it back into your mouth and finish it off, taking that load of cum for me. You loved it and could no longer deny you are a shameless, submissive, girlie sissy completely under MY spell!

  I am still amazed that I was able to transform you so quickly into a true cuckold sissy! I brought you there from a feminized, self-cum eating sissy, all the way to my personal cock-sucking fluffer cuckold! I realize that when you get all dressed up and feeling feminine, looking at pictures and videos of big hard cocks so that you get excited with your little clitty erect,  that you become even more submissive and am willing to do almost anything kinky to please Mistress. Now, you ARE My cum-dump, cock addicted submissive, cuckold sissy! 

So my spellbound submissive sissy cuck, stay Femfabulous for Ms. Delia always!