Steps to Becoming Feminized Part 2

In part one of this feminization series, I discussed some of the first basic steps a man should take when he realizes he needs to act on those feminine feelings that have always been a part of him. This week, we will discuss some tougher, more advanced steps.

3 Advanced Feminization Steps

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    Hair Removal is a HUGE step when becoming more feminine. Think of it. Smooth underarms, legs, back, chest, and even forearms. If you are wearing nylons, panties and a bra hair showing will never look good! Best to remove the hair with a cream, shaving, or even waxing. When you decide to do it permanently, laser hair removal may be a great option.

  2. Telling the saleswoman in the store. Now, it is Ms. Delia’s philosophy that you do not impose your kink on anyone. However, in a lingerie store, it is appropriate to ask if this item comes in your size and to get recommendations for other pieces. Asking for help is fine, and should be done. I have had many crossdressers develop great relationships in many stores, and shopping became a breeze!
  3. Shoes and accessories are an important step to helping you look and feel feminine! I love jewelry, and have it spread out on a wall in my closet. I have all the colors hanging in color families, and I choose what matches my outfits. Shoes are the same, but learning to walk in them is crucial! There are many videos online, and suggestions in this blog!

Feminization Steps Coming Next

These steps toward feminization should be more difficult than the last three steps, but I am sure with some guidance from me you will do a great job! Next week, I have a few more tips that get into the psychological and even spiritual femininity changes you will need to make to feel wonderfully feminine! Stay Femfabulous, and let me know your best tips!