Steps to becoming Feminine Part 3

In part one of this series, I described some basic steps to take to get in tune with your feminine side. In part two, I described steps you could take to further your femininity. This week, I want to discuss the more psychological  or even spiritual aspects of feminization training to get you into that true female mindset.

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

3 Steps to Psychological Femininity

  1. You need to think and feel and act like a woman. It might help you out to read women’s magazines, or watch TV for women. Try doing some feminization mantras to begin and end your day. Try this one:

“I am a beautiful and feminine woman inside and out, more and more every day and in every way.”

  1. Get yourself to a salon for many treatments. Have a spa day, and totally relax. Get a massage, facial, mani and pedi. Feel relaxed and pampered, and splurge on your feminine self. You do deserve it, and it will feel so wonderful! Try to get a lovely scent from the spa, something that makes you feel very womanly, and reminds you of that pampering day!
  2. Replace your regular bathroom items with more feminine ones. Break the gender barrier! Go for all things feminine as far as body wash, lotions, deodorant, body sprays, shaving gels, toothbrush (go for a pretty one!) and more! Once you have replaced your items throughout the house, decorate it a bit. Add some pretty candles and decorations to your home and office to give both that extra feminine touch and keep you connected to your femininity all day and night!

Extra Femininity Steps:

Other wonderful steps include (for those who do want to be sissy sluts) learning to eat cum and suck cock. And for those who are exhibitionists, get as passable as possible and go shopping or for a ride. This is your very own girl’s night out!

Remember to always stay Femfabulous, and enjoy these steps. Feel free to email me: to tell my your feminization story, or leave a comment here on this blog!