Steps To Becoming Feminine

Becoming feminized is not something that happens overnight. Also, deciding whether to be a just a man in panties, a sissy slut or a classy sissy, or even going for a full transformation will shape the path to feminization you take. But in my experience, as I help to feminize and sissify men, heck, even emasculate them or transform them, I have found certain steps really help the process.

Here are my first 3 steps. They are basic, so try them on your feminization journey, whatever path that journey takes!

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

3 Beginner Steps to Femininity

  1. The first step most all men take when they decide to become feminine is putting on a pair of panties. Panties feel sensuous, sexy, and oh so very feminine! Depending on the style, men can wear panties under work clothes, or be more discreet hiding them under their boxers. But panties are the first step on a feminization journey.
  2. Working on skin care is generally the next step taken for feminization. This can be a range! Some might just adapt a new skin care routine to make their skin fresh and dewy. Others might just put on a nice BB or CC cream. Finally others might start off with makeup, maybe a nice all in one kit with a bit of everything. Skin is an amazing consideration on the feminization journey.
  3. Buying a first bra or first piece of lingerie can be intoxicating part of a feminization journey! This step takes you beyond panties, and lets you realize how much is out there in terms of styles and types of outfits! Learning lingerie can be an education in itself.

The next Steps to Feminization

In my next post as your Feminization Mistress, I will discuss some of the more advanced steps to take when feeling feminine and to feel even more femme. You want to feel those sexy surges of feminine energy, and you will with every delicate and feminine step you take.

Be Femfabulous and enjoy your experiences!