Stop sissy purging! Ms. Delia says, “Don’t purge your sissy closet!” Just wait and let’s discuss it first. Hear me out, because I think you will agree!

What is purging?

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Stop Sissy Purging!

Ms. Delia is not talking about what all those supermodels do to maintain their sexy, svelte figure.  There are better, healthier ways to do that – like doing a triathlon – a triathlon you slutty sissy, not a triathlete! – and engaging in Ms. Delia’s newest fitness fetish – CrossFit.  No, the purging we are talking about is tossing out all your girly clothes.

You Will Always be a Sissy

Many sissies go through phases where they become ashamed that they dress up in girl clothes.  Now, humiliation is okay, you should be somewhat humiliated that you’re a slutty sissy strumpet, but never be ashamed of what you are.  You like the feel of silky, smooth women’s clothes.  That doesn’t make you gay – sucking cock makes you gay…well, sometimes!  You don’t have to go out in public and show everyone what a queen you are, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up in private and show off your new panties to me on cam.

Even if You Toss Everything

Getting rid of your panties, bras, stockings, skirts and blouses isn’t going to change who you are.  It just means that when this feeling that you shouldn’t express yourself passes, you’re just going to have to go out and replace your wardrobe.  I say don’t replace, refresh!

Read through Ms. Delia’s 12-Step Sissy Program, accept that you are a sissy, and then go through your closet.  Get rid of anything you haven’t worn in the last 6 months, then jump online or – if you’re brave enough – head on out to the mall and get yourself some new, sexy clothes for Christmas.