Sissy Stuffing

Sissies Should Be Stuffed for Thanksgiving

Since it is Thanksgiving, I think you sissies need Thanksgiving Sissy Stuffing to be stuffed with cock!  We’ve already gone over how much sissies love cock, and how they’re only a toy to pleasure cock, so what better way to show all your Dominants and lovers just how thankful you are that they give you just what you need to be thankful for?

Prepare to be Stuffed

Before the big day, I want you to be ready.  So get out your lube and your dildoes. Yes, I said dildos, I know you all have more than one! Then, bend over and get that cock and those sissy holes nice and slick.

Then, starting with your smallest dildo, reach behind and slide it inside.  Thrust in and out for 5 minutes, then work up to the next one.  By Thursday, you will be able to get the biggest one in there!

I Want All Your Holes Stuffed

On Thanksgiving, dress up in your sluttiest outfit. Maybe you have a bra, thong panties, thigh highs and heels? Then invite your ‘friends” over.  I do hope they come over in groups because I want you stuffed from both ends, sissy!

There’s nothing to make a house a home more than to see a nice piece of meat spit roasted during the holidays!

And do have them all pull out and cover you in their naughty gravy when they’re done!