The frilly sissy in training is a favorite sissy type for me. I mean who doesn’t LOVE sissy dress up time? Today I had the pleasure of playing sissy dress up with a sissy in training. I love the colors of black and pink together, so sissy found the cutest outfit. I was a very pleased Mistress!

Shopping With Ms. Delia

Sissy Dress Up Mistress

The Dress Up Outfit

First came frilly pink panties with the cutest hold for the sissy stick. Next came a cute black bra that was rather plain. I must say again that the art of being a sissy is all about accessorizing!

The next item for frilly sissy dress up was a pink and black tutu all frilly and ruffled in a hot pink and black color scheme. Pink glitter shoes were next and added that sexy sissy bling.


Sissy Accessories

The final accessories were a lovely pink and black posture collar and matching writs cuffs, and sexy black clothes pins for the nipples. A pretty pink, curly wig topped off this sexy frilly sissy. She really was a sight to be seen. A true vision in pink and black.

Sissy Sent Me a Reflection

After my phone session Miss Delia asked me to stay dressed and reflect upon my thoughts. I was wearing a wig upon my head, wrist collars, a posture collar, a bra, panties, a tutu and heels, all in pink and black. My thoughts were that I was comfortable yet easily reminded that while moving about was a reminder of my predicament. I was left thinking I look forward to serving Miss Delia!

Do you love sissy dress up? Are you a humiliated sissy when dressed up? What is your favorite outfit?