A Slutty Cinderella!

A Slutty Cinderella!

It’s Like Cinderella…in Reverse

Cinderella had to be home by midnight, but for my sissy pets, it’s time to turn into Cinderella and come out to play!  My Featured Mistress Day has started.  I’ll be taking calls from Midnight until 3 AM.  Then, Ms. Delia has to get her beauty rest, but she’ll be back at 9:30 AM, and I’ll be here right up to Midnight.  So, call me and get your free 10-minute call!  There are two rules for my sissy callers:

1.       You have to have called LDW before.  You don’t have to have called me, but you must have talked to one of the other Enchantrix Empire Mistresses before today.

2.      You have to at least be in panties

Not a sissy?  You can still call.  But I might put you in a nice thong….