As the New Year approaches, training for sissygasms is an important topic. For 2015, I would like to help every sissy orgasm via penetration and prostate stimulation only. Those deep, internal orgasms are so feminine anyway! So as you are making your sissy New Year Resolutions, make sissygasms one of them.

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

General Training Rules

  1. A sissy may only cum via penetration, never stroking.
  2. A sissy must always eat sissy cream that is milked out.
  3. A sissy understands the penis is not functional. It is a decoration.
  4. A sissy is in a chastity device or does chastity by will.

 Butt plug and Dildo Sissygasm Training

Each sissy will need a butt plug training kit and a dildo for anal penetration. It is a bonus for sissy to get a second dildo for sucking! This is not part of this training, but it never hurts to perfect all your sissy skills! Over on my anal training blog, I have an 8 week butt plug training program that I want every sissy to follow to prepare for those sissygasm releases. You can ask me to email you a training spreadsheet, and I will do that!

Sissy New Year Challenge

Here is the sissy challenge, and for taking it there is a tiny reward. On New Year’s Eve, right when the ball drops, you have 60 seconds to have your last stroking orgasm. That’s it. Make is quick and unfulfilling!

There is no “male” stroking for 2015. Sissy may only release through milking and anal penetration and stimulation of the male G spot.

Be a femfabulous sissy for 2015! Make Mistress Delia proud of you, and commit to this new way of pleasure – the sissygasm!