Get Shopping!

Hello my femfabulous readers! When in Vegas, I got a chance to meet up with Mistress Brianna. When we shopped, we found a store that totally catered to both crossdressers and sissies. Naturally we HAD to go in, and we enjoyed talking about feminine transformations and how much we both enjoy men in panties! I had a chance to talk to this sexy and sensual Mistress today, and here is what we said!

Empress Delia: Hey there Ms. Brianna!! I loved spending time in Vegas with you. Remember that shop we looked in and started giggling? We both said it would be a great shop for all of our subbies’ feminization needs!

Enchantrix Brianna: Yes I do – it looked like a whole lot of bubblegum exploded!

Empress Delia: Yes! There were cute and pretty things in there, and lots of bubblegum pink!  I was thinking about the transformations we talked about in Vegas, and was wondering what you think makes the best impact?

Enchantrix Brianna: I think that working on the naked body is where it’s all at – changing at that level. Throwing on a pink frock is the easy part.

Empress Delia: That’s so true. What’s your experience with working with the naked body like a blank canvas?

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Enchantrix Brianna: Well…when I was married to a crossdresser, I used to tease him about being lousy at his kink when he failed to maintain his body hair. But then he wasn’t trying to pass as a woman…that requires powers of observation and a serious time commitment! No matter how committed, very few men can pull that off.

Empress Delia: I did not know you were married to a crossdresser. Wow! What do you think makes the best impact for someone trying a transformation for the first time? How do you think a crossdresser can make a quick impact and pull it off? I loved  reading your eyebrows blog!

Enchantrix Brianna: Well you hit on it right there – clean up your face boys!  Get a skin care routine and experiment with products *just like we girls do*.

Empress Delia: I agree! I like a smooth face. I think many men neglect their school! You’re right that they need to do what we do! Thanks for chatting with me. Where can someone reading my femfabulous blog get in touch with you?

Enchantrix Brianna: Well fem-boys of all kinds can reach me at or complete the pre-call questionnaire on my blog, .

I really enjoyed my shopping time in Vegas with Ms. Brianna! While we were away we did talk about naughty assignments! If you are in the mood for a great feminization assignment, head over to Sissyville and find my assignment. It will be there this week, and you will have a sexy femfabulous time!