When transforming your male self to a more female self, shape matters. Having a curvy feminine shape helps to create that feminized look under clothes, and can look so very natural.  There are many types of shapers you could get. I suggest a few different kinds to go with every part of your wardrobe from business wear to casual wear to bedroom. Find what works for you!


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Boned Corsets

The first think on my list is a good, sturdy boned corset.  These can be overbust or underbust. Each serve a good and different purpose. These are sexy, and are amazing as lingerie.  Boned corsets will make an incredible change to your waistline, and can help you to both define and to create a feminine waist line where there isn’t one.  Corsets work by cinching in your waist, nipping it in tight in the center and redistributing the nipped flesh to create hips below. Keeping the waist tight, and the hips looser will allow this emphasis of your hips. 

I like that a corset can also work wonders for your posture. This bonus helps you to walk in a more feminine way by holding your body in the proper position. It is amazing what one item can do for you! These work as club wear, paired with jeans and a cute jacket or over a blouse, and also can be worn with graters and panties for a bedroom look.

 Waist Cinchers

These are generally smaller and lighter weight of a garment than a corset. They are specific to the waist, and are made to be seen on the outside of clothes, so they are much more feminine and pretty. Some are lace up, and some are stretchy, made of elastic or rubber. My favorite has to be a laced waist cincher. I love the classic look of a tweed skirt, coordinating blouse, feminine waist cincher, and sexy pumps. What a perfect outfit!

Continue your feminization journey by exploring the different types of waist cinchers and shape wear with me.