Wash your Lingerie

Everyone needs to know how to wash your lingerie whether you are a crossdresser, sissy, vanilla female, or a Sexy and Dominant Mistress!

Wouldn't these look cute on you? !

Wouldn’t these look cute on you? !

I can tell you that if you wear lingerie every day you will need to have a routine for washing it. Lingerie washing actually is better than using a washing machine, even with a lingerie bag, simple because it will extend the life of your pretty garments!

Lingerie Wash Supplies

When I buy my sexy lingerie like bras and panties, I make it a point to also buy a large bottle of lingerie wash at the store. I have a wonderful double sink in my laundry room, but you can use the kitchen sink if it is split, or a sink and some large bowls if needed.

How to Wash Your Lingerie

Tags may say you CAN launder, but if you LOVE your lingerie, opt for a thorough hand wash! A man in lingerie is so sexy, but a man who knows how to care for his lingerie is like frosting on the cake!

1. Fill one side of the sink with cool to just warm water, and add the detergent. Generally 2 TBSP are good for a full sink.

2. Pre-treat any naughty spots, especially if you had an accidental sissygasm in those panties, and did not use panty protection! Use a soft cloth (they sell lingerie cloths) to gently pre-scrub away any stains.

3. Submerge your lingerie in the sink. I personally like to wash my dark colors separately from whites and light

These are sexy panties!

These are sexy panties!

colors. Let the lingerie pre-soak for about 30 minutes, then come back and swirl the lingerie in the sink, and squeeze the soapy detergent through each garment, being careful to watch for bows or any special ornate bits.

4. Rinse in cool water. If you seem to have any excess soap or stickiness, add a bit of white vinegar to new water in the sink, and swirl the panties around.

5. To dry the lingerie, have a clean towel ready to go. Place pieces on one side of the towel, then fold the other half over. Roll it up and put on a little pressure. Transfer to a clean towel to finish air drying.

Now it is important to note that you do not have to wash bras and slips each time you wear them. A good rule of thumb is 2 full days of normal wear for bras, stockings, nylons or tights you can do three wears, and slips can go about 2 weeks. But remember, fresh panties are crucial, so those will get washed most!

Add lingerie to your Feminization Routine, and you will feel FemFabulous!