I am Femfabulous!

Welcome, and come into my new FemFabulous blog! I broke all things fem away from my www.begformistress.com blog because I wanted one place where I could devote all of my attention completely to all things fem and fabulous! Here I will talk about all of the girly things I love. 

I also want this blog to be somewhat driven by your comments.  I think you make it even more fun for Me when I can read your thoughts and comments! If you have a topic you are dying to talk about, just let me know, and I will discuss it!

Here are some things I really want to delve into:

  • Panties! Not enough can be said about the allure of a nice, new pair of panties! Styles range from bikini, sheer, fishnet, thong, cheeky, low rise, boy shorts, high cut, and even crotchless! The fabrics are equally different. Stretch lace, silk, satin, cotton, bits of lace, and even wicked leather panties are important to think about when selecting.

I know they all will get addressed in this blog.  Do you have a favorite pair?

  • Feminization! Whether you wear one piece of clothing that makes you melt into that fem feeling, or you love to go through a complete transformation to feel especially girly, There will be suitable and interesting tidbits and posts here. Advice too.  This even will work for an over-the-top sissy, and someone on a sissy plan!
  • Shopping! Oh how I love shopping! Likely you do to.  I bet you crave the rush of walking into a department store and wandering closer and closer to the ladies’ section. Does your heart race as you look at the sexy items? Do you try to act nonchalant as you skim through the racks? Do you have a cover story, do you stumble through speaking, or boldly proclaim what you’re up to when a sweet associate comes by to help? I will list some of my best finds, and encourage you to do the same!
  • Beauty Products! Nothing is more fem than that special and maybe secret special cosmetic item that just melts you and brings out your feminine side each time you think of it. I can help you repackage things you really want! I can find the most pink and glittery sissy products too! We will cover hair removal, nails, hair care, skin care, feet, bath time, and more. We will even gander into the curiously interesting Feminine Products Aisle! If you need help with cosmetics or even products like loofas, emery boards, Ion dryers, rollers, or anything else, just ask and I will help you become as femfabulous as you want to become!

This femfabulous blog will cover all of these topics and more. I am so excited to officially open this blog for your fem needs and desires and pleasure. Crossdressers, sissys, and everyone who is a fan of fem is welcome to chat here! Do note, I have relocated my past fem blogs from www.begformistress.com because I know they are happier here in their new blog home!

For a Femfabulous phone session with Ms. Delia, call 800-356-6169 Must be 18+
Calls are $2.50 a minute with a 10 minute minimun, and charged to a major credit card.
Please go to https://ratemycall.com to comment on our call! I love feedback.