This year, you made a plan to be feminine. So let’s plan how to make the most out of your first feminization call with Mistress Delia.

Email Ms. Delia First

Take a nice deep breath, then pour your heart and soul out into an email. Detail your feminization goals and fantasies for me. And also, tell me the name you like to be called. We can plan times to talk, and set up a special time for us. You will be excited, not nervous!

My email address is:

Tell Me About YOUR Feminization Ideas

What is your idea of a great feminization call? How long would it last? Would we role play or tell a story, or would Mistress Delia tell you what to do? Would it end with your sissygasm? What words or ideas really turn you on and drive you wild? If you want me to take control of your girlie activities while on the call, please let me know if you have lingerie, clothes, makeup, tools or toys available for my use.

Are any subjects off limits? If you hate the idea of sucking a cock or hate frilly things, or whatever, be sure to tell me that. Do you love being called humiliating names … but certain ones upset you? Do you hate humiliation? Do you dislike talking about being penetrated? Whatever makes that sexy space disappear, just let me know now so I can be sure to avoid it. I want all our calls to be pleasurable!

Have any special interests or special needs? I am completely accepting of this. Please tell me what kind of special handling you require. I want to blow your mind and I hope we both leave the session wanting more. Sharing your personal issues and desires up front with me will help me create an amazing experience for us both.