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Do You Have Man Hands? Part 1

What are we going to do about those man hands?

A Sissy Exposed

No, not exposed like one of my naked sluts!  No I mean that, there you are sissy trying to pass.  You took the time to tuck and put on your best bra and panty set.  You made sure the seams . . . → Read More: Do You Have Man Hands? Part 1

Sissy Independnce Day

Let today be Sissy Indpendence Day!

Sissy Independence Day!

I had the pleasure of speaking with a sweet sissy yesterday who needed some advice and support about becoming more femme. We discussed all of the wonderful things already done to help this gurl feel pretty every day. She even told me about new . . . → Read More: Sissy Independnce Day

Hello world!

Welcome, and come into my new FemFabulous blog! This femfabulous blog will cover all of the topics related to crossdressing, sissification, transformations, shopping and more. I am so excited to officially open this blog for your fem needs and desires and pleasure. Crossdressers, sissys, and everyone who is a fan of fem is welcome . . . → Read More: Hello world!