Three Sissy Favorites

1 – Sissies Love Garters and Stockings

You can wear bras and panties, but I think that there’s nothing to quite bring out the slut in you as much as garters and stockings!  Especially if you wear the panties over the garters, or forego them all together!  Now, I know many of you sissies just get the stay-up thigh-highs, but honestly, there’s something so much sexier about the way a pair of garter straps perfectly frames your cute bubble butt!

2 – Sissies Love a Good Glory Hole

Of course, they do!  What sissy doesn’t enjoy endless, anonymous cock?  Always keep in mind that You are a tool used to please ANY cock.  So no matter what dick gets thrust through that hole, make sure you worship, suck and make it cum! Then again, if you’re really desperate for dick, you can always spin around, back up on it and take it deep in your sissy hole.  Just always remember however to practice Glory Hole Safety.

3 – Sissy Loves the Taste of Her Own Cum

Remember your reward sissy?  That right, cum is your reward.  It’s not just the jizz from that cock you’re sucking.  On those rare occasions Mistress lets you squirt from your sissy clitty, you know what to do, don’t you?  Good girls always clean up after themselves!  Isn’t your sissy spunk sweet, creamy and delicious? Get it all sissy, you don’t want to waste a drop, now do you?