Happy Sissy New Year! How was your holiday season? I hope you got everything you wanted whether it was a new sissy style or cocksucking lessons! And have you made those sissy resolutions yet? If not let’s make them!

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Happy Sissy Holidays!

What Was Waiting Under Sissy’s Tree

Tell me sissy, did you go and sit on Santa’s lap and tell him what a good gurl you were?  Are you hoping he hasn’t really found out what a naughty sissy you’ve been all year – teasing the guys with your ass wiggle and your sultry “come hither” stares?  Did my sissy ask Santa for some special presents?

Panties, Bras and Stockings

I’ll bet my pretty gurl asked Santa for some sexy underthings, didn’t she?  Maybe a thong panty or some silky crotchless ones?  I hope you asked for the matching bras as well.  And did you remember to ask for some hosiery for those sexy sissy legs?  Did you go with thigh highs, panty hose or tights?  And I hope Santa puts a nice bustier under your tree! 

Santa Knows You Were Naughty!

And he knows my sissy gurl is kinky and can’t keep her hands off her sissy stick.  Sometimes naughty sissies need to be punished.  Did he leave you a paddle that will leave a “SLUT” mark on your pale white ass, so everyone knows just what you are?  You know that present is really for Ms. Delia, right?  Oh, and I hope he left you a big black dildo.  You know what we can use that for, don’t you?  That’s right sissy, let’s train you to suck cock in 2014.  But, if a sissy’s going to suck cock, she’d better be ready to have her cherry popped too!  Or did that already happen when you sat on Santa’s lap?  Is that how he knew what a naughty gurl you were?