Buying panties for the first time is a very important step in any feminization journey! I have a program to take a man from briefs to panties, and when followed you will find yourself happy and comfortable wearing your prettiest panties!

A Sweet submissive Buys his First Panties

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

I had the honor to grant permission for a sweet virgin puppet the permission to go to Victoria’s Secret to buy panties! It was incredibly sexy for me to allow him to go! As soon as he got to the store, he was NERVOUS to say the least. Having been instructed to call me he tried, but I was on the phone. So, poor slut had to wait for me to be free.

Talking About Buying Panties

We finally connected, and I told the sweet panty slut what I wanted him to buy. I wanted (my color) purple seamless boyshorts. Well, that proved to be difficult, so he actually had to ask the sales associate.

Now, Ms. Delia has a rule. I NEVER impose my kink onto anyone working in a store! They go there to work, have their lunch, and go home. However, I do enjoy chatting with sales associates in a vanilla way. I did have to talk to the sales associate to explain what I wanted, and I said it was for me. I love discreet panty shopping!

After Buying the Panties

We had planned to do a sexy web cam show so I could see my sweet submissive try on panties for the first time! Unfortunately his Yahoo was not working, and I had guests, so I had to go to dinner. We did not get to cam, but I did have him try them on for me and report back!

I received this as a report:

Mistress, you have no idea how hard I am right now, with the silky smoothness rubbing against your cock. i want you to know how nervous yet excited I was to be caught panty shopping with my mistress.

Don’t you want to be femfabulous for Mistress and get your own panties?