Can I dress you up?

I Have a Crazy Fantasy

So, my little stroke pet, I have this really crazy fantasy.  You know, you’ve been really good about indulging me in all these kinky ideas ever since we started playing with this Femdom thing.  What I really want to do is dress you up like a girl and see what you look like!  Are you willing to try this out for me?  Will you let me do it?

Let’s Get Some Sexy Clothes

I really like that you and I are pretty much the same size.  You have no idea how great it is when you have a girlfriend and you can share clothes.  Now you can be my sissy girlfriend!  Let’s start with this pink thong.  Slide it up your legs – oh, barely contains your cock – no, we’re going to call it a sissy clit today!  Then the matching bra, and garter belt.  Do me a favor, make sure the suspenders slide under your panties – that’s the way sluts wear them!  Let’s get you some lace topped thigh-hi’s, and one of my micro-mini skirts and a crop top.  I think these 5-inch stilettos will really make your legs look sexy!

I Think I’m Jealous Sissy

Oh, my, I think you actually look better in those clothes than I do!  Of course, if we were going to make the transformation complete, we’d need to shave you, get some make-up on, and finish everything off with a wig!  Why don’t you come over her on the bed and we can cuddle, hug and make out…just like I do with all my sexy, slutty girlfriends!