My Classy Sissy

Are you a classy sissy?

Are you a classy sissy?

You do not have to be a sissy slut! I enjoy it when you’re slutty, but I have a soft spot for all my sissies. Take Sissy Mandy, for example. She is one of my sissy callers who just enjoys dressing up for me on cam. I love it when she puts on a sissy fashion show for me! She has so many clothes – I’m actually jealous! Panties, bras, slips, stockings, garters, dresses, shoes, and accessories, even wigs and makeup. And she keeps it all in a storage building, so NO PURGING!

The Sexy Pinup Sissy

The last time she called me, she started out in a very sexy, vintage pin-up look. You have no idea how great she looked in her ivory and lace undergarments. Mandy gave me quite the sissy show, with all kinds of pin-up poses. Without looking slutty, she was one hot, sexy sissy!

The Glam Sissy

So, my sissy next traded her sultry pinup look for a very glamourous look. Dressed in her deep, rich colors and her long gown-like dress, you could have taken her out on any red carpet anywhere! Some kitten heels and some conservative make-up completed the look and made her a very classy sissy indeed.

A Sissy Stroll

Now, my sissy Mandy doesn’t just dress up for me on cam. Oh, no, my sissy Mandy is a bit adventurous, and this time, she was calling me from her hotel room. So, she took her sexy sissy ass and sashayed it out into the hall. I think she has the same kind of luck I have, because her room was all the way at one end of the hall, so she strutted down that hall like a supermodel on the catwalk – just hoping someone would see her!

I adore all kinds of sissies, but this classy sissy, Mandy steals the show for me!!