What are your Feminization Fantasies?

I often wonder what my Femfabulous blog readers fantasize about. No, not just the simple panty or lingerie fantasies, but the darker feminization fantasies. I think many have those, so let’s discuss them!

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Feminization Mistress Ms. Delia

Feminization Fantasies

Do you dream of being a tied up sissy? Do your feminization fantasies sometimes take a darker turn? I love bondage from simple ties to sexy shibari. You know, I once wrote a sexy blog about kidnapping you and stripping you naked? Oh what a predicament for a poor sissy. Sexy for Ms. Delia though!

CFNM Fantasies

Sometimes stripping you naked is only the beginning. In a CFNM Fantasy I want you to imagine that  I’ve taken you somewhere. You’re imprisoned in my dungeon, and I can do anything I want to you. Yes, ANYTHING! Of course I am fully clothed, and that makes this fantasy hot. But here is a humiliating twist. Maybe I don’t want you naked.  Maybe what I want is you dressed as my slutty sissy.

Feminized Slut Fantasy

Oh, I can tell that you are really liking my ideas for feminization fantasies!  I can tell, because as soon as I told you, your little sissy clit stirred to life, getting hard, leaking pre-cum.  Maybe that is where my ideas for a feminized slut come in! I think I’ll dress you in a slutty set of naughty panties and a bra.  Let’s put some breast forms in there.  Then we’ll slide some silky stockings up your legs, and put you in some stiletto heeled pumps – the ones with the locking ankle straps.  You know what would complete the look?  A nice cock gag shoved deep in your mouth!

Feminization Fantasies can add spice to your day, so be Femfabulous for Ms. Delia, call me and we can play!