Feminization Humiliation

You can BE Femfabulous!

I have a wonderful caller who identifies as a slutty whore with a small, useless penis, a cockette if you will. This all makes pee wee a perfect candidate for feminization humiliation.


What gets this slut into the best space is getting completely waxed below the waist, then putting on the softest seamless lycra panties, and nude, seamless pantyhose. And this slut loves all things feminine like lacy things, spiked heels, and women, but powerful women who can help with the cross-dressing!

Humiliation Confession

Pee wee gave me the best confession, and is so nervous someone who knows her will read it, so enjoy sharing and commenting!

Pee wee says:
I love wearing Jockey seamless lycra panties. Especially when I’ve been completely waxed. I love wearing nude seamless pantyhose.

In general, I gravitate towards slinky, silky things. Lace, latex, leather, etc. don’t have the same effect on me.

Ladies in spiked heels make me feel weak and small. I’m a leg humper.
I jerk off overhand because an underhand grip doesn’t work so well on a 4 incher.

I watch porn in the background when I call LDW because it’s important for me to observe big cocks in action during SPH therapy.

I’d rather jerk off than have intercourse; in fact, I sometimes used to go soft on my ex-wife when she tried to have intercourse with me because I didn’t feel worthy of it.

If a strong woman challenges me, even in a very subtle way, my entire head turns read…not just my ears. And it’s joined by an involuntary nervous beta smile.

My idea of a threesome, as you can imagine, features me as an actively participating cuckold.

I have been made to wear panties instead of a bathing suit on vacation.

And this is why I think pee wee the 4-incher deserves feminization humiliation, ALWAYS.