Feminization Mistress Delia

Did You Get Those Sissy Panties Dirty?

I Hate Dirty Sissy Panties!

A panty boi may tell me he doesn’t like wearing panties, that they humiliate him, but that wet spot tells me what I really need to know! And you sissy sluts just can’t help yourselves!  As soon as you slide those panties up your smooth legs, and over your hairless sissy marbles, you start leaking sissy juice.

Cream Your Jeans

Go ahead, sissy, rub that sissy clit through your panties.  Just like a sexy woman rubs her clit to get off, feeling that silk and lace rubbing over her pleasure button, bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. You know I’m not going to let you squirt right away, and those edges are just making your panties damper, that wet spot ever larger.  Do you want to cum, sissy?  Are you desperate to fill your panties with that warm cream?  I’ll let you dirty those panties, but you’re going to have to pay the price.

Clean the Sissy Panties!

Clean the Sissy Panties!

Over My Knee

Once you’ve filled them, take them off, and give them to me.  Now, get over my knee.  I told you there would be a price for getting them dirty.  Open you mouth, so I can shove those disgusting undergarments in your mouth.  I’m sure you were expecting your mouth to be filled with cum at some point, but did you think it’s be the cum in your own panties?  Suck them clean, and I’ll start spanking your disobedient ass!  I love how those panties gag you and muffle your screams and I redden your cheeks.  Keep sucking, sissy!  This spanking won’t end until I’m satisfied those panties are as clean as when you took them out of your drawer!