You can have an amazing figure - like mine!

You can have an amazing figure – like mine!

Proper Proportions

For the past couple of weeks, we discussed picking out the right breast forms for you.  There’s so much more to getting that girlie figure though than just having the right sized tits.  If you want to be a sissy who can pass in the real world, you’re going to need to pay attention to three parts of your body.  Today we’ll start with the bust, but we’re also going to have to discuss the waist and the hips over the next few weeks.  You want everything to be in the proper proportion to give yourself the perfect hourglass figure.

The Bust

We’ve discussed breast forms, but a bit more of a discussion about size might be in order.  You see, I know most of you sissy sluts think bigger is better.  A bigger cock is better, right?  And you probably think most guys would like you to have massive boobs!  But, it’s not really the absolute size as it is a size that’s proportionate to the rest of your body.  The average size for a genetic  girl might be 36C.  You likely have a bigger chest so you might need a bigger cup size.  However, you need to try out some various sizes.  Just because your chest measures 44 inches around doesn’t mean you should jump up to a DDD cup.  See what looks good

But Ms. Delia, I Want To Attract Attention

I know. You’re all attention whores, but you want to attract the right attention.  If you go the bigger is better route, you’re likely to have people staring at you.  And if they stare at you long enough, they may start to notice other things that are a bit out of place – like the scarf that doesn’t quite hide your Adams Apple, or a walk that just looks a little off.  Just like you want your make-up to blend into your features, you want to blend into the environment.