Want to fill out those cups like I do?

Want to fill out those cups like I do?

You Want Boobies!

C’mon sissies, you know you want some breasts to fill out the cups on those lacy bras. You want a nice rack so you can attract that guy who will let you suck his cock, and may even give your sissy clit some attention.  If you really want them to be realistic and help you to pass, check out Ms. Delia’s tips.

Starting Out

Most sissies start out simply, but, unfortunately, the simple methods just aren’t going to be very realistic.  I read somewhere about using water balloons!  They said if you positioned them so the tied of ends were facing out, it would simulate a nipple!  WTF?  Now, Ms. Delia has felt up a few breasts besides her own, and there’s no way these are going to feel like a real tit or a nipple.  You’ve also tried padding – like tissue paper, and while that may fill out the cup, it’s not going to feel like anything other than crumpled up Kleenex.

Picking Out Materials

No, sissy slut, you want something that’s warm, soft and flesh-like.  There are any number of materials – silicone, gel, foam (oh, good, those sound like dildos), fabric with some kind of pellets in them and even corrugated cardboard.  Want really life-like?  Go with silicone and gel.  They feel and look the most lifelike, and they get warm when in contact with your soft skin.  Fabric with pellets?  Really, you think a bean bag is going to feel life-like?  And I’m not even going to dignify corrugated cardboard.  Again I say – WTF?

Next week, we’ll talk about shapes and sizes….