Last week, it was all about breast size.  This week, we’re going to take a look at your waist.  That’s where we’re really going to get that hourglass figure!

A Sexy Corset For My Sissy

A Sexy Corset For My Sissy

Feeling You Up

When your special guy runs his hands down your sissy body, you want to make sure that he feels all your curves – especially that curve between your bust and your hips.  You can go from mild to wild here, with all kinds of shapers, girdles and even corsets.  Just start off slow and be safe about this.  If you have a 36-inch waist to begin with, you don’t have to scrunch to 20-inches!  Remember, it’s like cup size – you want to attract attention, but you don’t want to be stared at!

Panty Bois Will Like This

The easiest way might be to just to go out and buy yourself a girdle, or even a sexy shaping panty.  Now, my panty lovers, it won’t be the silky lace you really like, but lycra and spandex can be sexy too, it’s all in how you wear it.  If you really want to be naughty, you might even think about PVC or rubber!  Buy something one waist size smaller than what you are, and it will take 1 to 2 inches off that waist of yours.

Slimmer and Sexier

Of course, that might not be enough, in which case you’ll need to move up to a corset.  There’s nothing that’s sexier than a girl in a lacy corset, especially if it’s got a bustier top along with it!  A steel boned corset will take 5 to 6 inches off your waist.  Just go slowly when you’re tightening it up, and make sure you can still breathe once you tie it off!  Blue balls look good on you sissy, but a blue face will not!  Add in some suspender garters to the bottom of that corset, slide on some back-seamed thigh highs and you’ll be that sexy, slutty, strumpet I know you want to be!

Oh, and two more things will help you with slimming that waist.  First, put down the Ho-Ho’s, you Ho’!  Eat healthy.  Second, get into the gym and do some crunches and other ab workouts and get rid of those love handles!