Get Girly With Me!

Get Girly With Me!

Now Let’s Pad Out Those Hips

So far in our little figure shaping series, we’ve covered how to work on your bust and how to shape your waist.  That only leaves your hips.  This is really where it all happens for you my sissy.  You can have big boobs, and a tiny waist, but it’s the sway of your hips – which causes that shake in your ass! – which will bring all the guys to you.  Of course, with such a nice ass, they’re going to want to use it!

How To Get Those Curves

Last week, we talked about corsets and how we can use those to narrow and shape your waist.  That’s important, because most male bodies – even if there’s a sissy trapped inside – are going to be fairly straight from the chest right down to the hips, with little variation in dimension.  A corset will give you some narrowing in your waist, but it probably won’t be more than a couple of inches.  So that means you’re going to need some padding.

Fluffing You Out

It’s a different kind of fluffing than you are used to!  No, what we’re talking about here is adding some padding to your hips and your booty, to give you those wonderful, delicious curves. Just like with the breastforms, you could go cheap here, and try to pad with tissue paper or something similar, but if you want the feminine look, I’d suggest some padded, shaping panties or girdles. The padding is built right in, won’t move and will give you those curvy ass and full sexy ass you’re looking for.