Want to fill out those cups like I do?

Want to fill out those cups like I do?

So Many Choices

Have you been thinking about getting your new breasts, sissy?  Did you figure out what kind of material you wanted to go with, but now you’re just so totally overwhelmed by your remaining choices?  What shape should I pick, Ms. Delia? And, more importantly – what size?

Getting The Shape Right

There is an infinite variety of shapes that real breasts come in – okay, probably not a hexagon or a rhombus, but you get the drift.  And breast forms come in a variety of shapes as well, although they break down to 4 main ones – oval, triangle, assymetrical and teardrop.  You need to decide what works for you.  What kind of droop, protrusion and spread do you want?  Most first-time sissies will go with an oval shape, because it’s closest to being realistic.  The one drawback is that the oval shape won’t give you the protruding “Bullet”-shaped breasts that form a shelf all their own!  If you want those, go for the triangle or teardrop shape

What About Size

Now, I know many of you are size queens, and think that the bigger that rack is, the more attention you’ll attract.  You’ll attract attention, but it won’t be the right attention.  I know you want to be stared at, sissy slut, but the whole idea is to pass as a girl – not be seen as a drag queen.  So, you want a size that’s “appropriate”.  It all depends on the size of your chest.  The bigger your chest, the larger the cup size we have to work with.  If it’s less than 38”, you don’t want to go much above a B-cup, over 38”, you can pass with a C.  Of course, you can always go bigger, but you’re going to get more stares, which may be what you’re looking for attention whore!