How To Tell If You’re a Sissy

Are You Sissy Curious

We talk about being cock curious and cum curious, but have you been thinking what it would be like to be dressed up as a sissy by a Feminization Mistress like me?  Then, I’d say your sissy curious!  Maybe, though, you’re not sissy curious, maybe you just haven’t realized you ARE a sissy already.

How to Tell if You’re a Sissy

You are weak.

You are submissive.

You exist to serve.

You crave big cocks.

You love to swallow.  You do know what you love to swallow, don’t you?

You beg to be fucked.

You spread your legs.

You take big cock.

You gape your sissy hole.

You take it balls deep.

Your sissy clit stays limp.

You moan like a slut and beg for his cum.

You are a fuck toy, a cum bucket.

You are a Sissy

If you answered “yes” to any 4 of those statements, you are not sissy curious, you’re a sissy!  While your man’s willing to use any of your holes, don’t you think you should help him along with his fantasy?  Put on a bra and panty set, some sexy thigh highs, maybe even doll up your face with some make-up, throw on a wig and let him pretend he’s fucking a real girl!  Become the sissy you already are!

Horny Sissy Bitch

I have a wonderful horny sissy bitch who plays with LARGE dildos, and wears the prettiest lingerie! This horny sissy slut can be playing with her sissy stick for hours, and when we talk, she is just so very horny she would do ANYTHING!  Do you think you could ever be a sissy like this?  Tell Ms. Delia YOUR sissy story!